Van Life


An adventure of epic proportions and desire. The dream was to purchase a ‘freedom van’, and courtesy of a GoFundMe campaign and A LOT of help from both friends and strangers alike, it happened. A true representation of human kindness and compassion.

I am still very thankful to this day – so thanks again!



How it all unfolded – and as it happened…


Letting go of pride I’m asking for help. I want to buy a van (and deck it out with all my medical equipment) so that I can escape from my predicament some times.

A personal safe haven on wheels is my goal.


What I’m looking for is ‘my van’ with certainty. No strings attached, nor a van that can be whipped out from under my feet at any time – I already have enough uncertainty. And man I’m sick of waiting for taxis! So with that, I guess what I’m asking for is your investment in my dwindling human freedoms, self-determination and independence, oh and of course a needs specific van.

My much deserved slice of paradise.

You see over the past 14 years of battling my illness, I’ve lost almost everything. I can’t move, I can’t eat, I can’t live at home; in fact I can barely breathe or even talk. And over much of this time I’ve also been scrounging for an identity, a purpose and the all-allusive cure.

Positive distraction is what’s always got me through.

So today, I’m not here asking for you to fund a revolutionary new treatment, no-siree  (I don’t even know if that exists); what I’m actually asking for is your help with a mere little bit of retribution. Mainly a freedom to be me.


And why am I asking for your help?? Well working just isn’t a physical possibility, so this is something that is far beyond my financial means (and even my willpower) – but still a dream is a dream. Especially after a recent rent increase, I’m now left with a mere pittance to live on each week. I tell ya, disability isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Yet truth be told I’d honestly love it if I could self-fund this whole project. It would be so satisfying. But the cards just haven’t been dealt that way today, they have been dealt to you.

You see you are actually the one who holds the aces – my fate and my dreams are in your hands.

I hope you use your cards kindly.

What it means to me – apart from freedom

Throughout my life I’ve always relied on projects. I tinker at this, plan that – it’s what gets me out of the bed in the mornings and has always kept a smile on my face. The incentive to make that something just perfect, and to change it for the better, that’s what I love. And to me that’s what this is… something much more than just a van. It’s a passion.


So, much like I’ve already mentioned this is my positive distraction, and no doubt it will be for many years to come. You see I plan to fit out the back of the van very much like a travel campervan – with some help from friends of course. Yay finally some testosterone time!! So with bits and bobs, and medical wot nots, I really want to make this like a home away from home for me. Something truly unique – and my pride and joy.

Image: Some mates helping out at a van fundraiser