There has to be a better way



These are the words of my dear friend Gabby Bernstein, and my constant mantra of late. You see I’m sick, in fact I’m beyond sick if that’s even possible, but as I get lifted out of bed every morning I still try to make the most of my day.

However over the past few months my heath has worsened. And as much as I’ve been trying to let go of my physical pains; and as much as I’ve been trying to think differently, it’s only now that I can see I’m crippled with fear.

I am scared of dying.

Even despite losing almost everything: I can’t move, I can’t eat, I can’t live at home; in fact I can barely breathe or even talk – death would still crush me. It would mean everything I’ve worked so hard for would be lost.

Only living in lack is not the way forward.

There has to be a better way.

You see the spoils of my journey, and the lessons learned (that I now have to pass on); as odd as it may sound it’s actually been worth it. I believe that my message can truly help a lot of people.

This is now my mission in life – to become a healer.

So there is no way I’m giving up. I feel (and I know) that I’ve got so much left to give, and not being able to express it in this lifetime, oh man what a tragedy.

I mean even as I face death every single day – and in a way 99.99% of people on earth just wouldn’t understand – I continue to dream on and on. See, I rely on a machine (with flaws) to breathe for me, and couple that with human errors, indeed I have some pretty close calls.

Let’s just hope the universe (and its plans) are on the same boat that I’m on hey?

Actually this is the better way.

I mean I love this life and I even love the challenges that I’ve been given, and I can now see exactly how everything happens for a reason. In fact I could not have planned my own journey any better if I tried (especially when I let intuition rule).

And this is the same natural intelligence that I need to surrender to – once again.

So why am I fighting the universes plan? Why am I fighting divine order? Or as Marianne Williamson would say ‘does the acorn try to become the oak tree?’

Everything just works out, as it should, every time.






About Mark

For all things a day-dreamer, a larrikin and an undeniable fighter. Mark advocates for both Adversity and Lyme Disease; and boasts a real passion for green living, nutrition and organic foods. Oh and he's a quadriplegic too. This spirited life coach, with prior background in marketing & advertising, now has more recent aspirations that include becoming a published author, and a business owner too. And when well enough, Mark’s also ticking off his bucket list, and he also volunteers with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Mark is an ACIM student, an adventurer, and a sneaker collector. His dream is to one day get better and ride a bicycle around Australia.

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