The Meaning of Life

monty-python-meaning-of-life-god-and-earth-terry-gilliamThis is something I think about often. I guess I wonder why some people attract ease and others disaster. I wonder about faith, destiny and karma alike, and then I settle on the fact that there must be more to all of this.

A Neale Donald Walsh quote then often comes to mind is:

‘We think that life is about get the girl, get the guy, get the car, get the job, get the house, get the kids, get the better job, get the better car, get the better house, get the promotion, get the office in the corner, get the kids on their way, get the grandkids, get the retirement watch, get the cruise tickets, get the illness, and get the heck out. That’s it. That’s a good life. But life has nothing to do with any of that. That is not our purpose in living. That is not the agenda of the soul’

So then what is the agenda of the soul?

I believe its infinite expression.

To me the soul is ultimate consciousness. It could be something as simple as your preferences or to even why you desire certain things, but more importantly it can explain your depth. It’s that voice in your head right now saying ‘fuck he’s right’. Potentially this complexity could be what sets you and I apart from any other animal species.

But this cannot be proven. Or maybe it’s simply our ability to communicate. So do we again use that lame need of I want to be happy? Is happiness the meaning of life? Well, to use my life and existence as an example, I’m definitely not happy but does that mean my life has no meaning? I mean instead I strive for growth, long for experience, and relish understanding.

Life is kinda of complex huh!?

You see quite possibly life could be summarised by all these above elements – but today I’m exclusively looking for one. The go-to element.

I believe the meaning of life is creativity. It’s how you make the most of what the universe provides.

In my presumption, in prehistoric times survival was of the highest regard, then in the middle ages it was power. This was then later followed by affluence (as seen by the petro-chemical era and the subsequent industrial revolution), and now there seems to be a heightened focus on sustainability (or at least that’s my prediction). It’s almost like [as a species] the meaning of our lives is developing over time.

Vision, resourcefulness and innovation all equal creativity.

But on a micro level, this is underpinning of creativity, it is clearly evident in man’s desire to prosper. Not only in living a life but making our lives. Can you even think of what it might have been like for the first person who ever built shelter? It’s our big brains that have creatively adapted to survive. It’s our programming. Think differently and create.

Steve Jobs is a perfect modern- day example here (assisting in evolution).

And look, I totally agree here that some people have grasped this creativity gold mine but the majority have been left well, well behind. They seek meaning in an external object (or person), or even in acceptance, when the reality is that they’ve only ever sought justification in conformity. Domestic humans I believe is the term – again reference the Neale Donald Walsh quote above.

These days people are seeing the world through judgement. Actually I watched a documentary last night about tiny houses and alternative living where a lady discovered a girl sleeping in the bushes, and all the girl could say is don’t call the cops. Isn’t it weird to think about today’s social climate when compared to that of several generations ago?

Conform, conform, conform.

Further still, the internet has in part heightened this environment – I mean everybody’s just starring at screens. And most people are just reading the same old motivational crap every single day – I mean do something different people!! Even as a quadriplegic, and as someone who can barely get out of bed, in these modern times strangely I don’t even feel like I’m falling that far behind the common man. As I said, ‘we’re all just starring at screens’.

Only on the flip side, the technological revolution has definitely created many opportunities too – and specifically opportunities to be creative. Skype, c’mon seriously that shit is crazy! Or if you want to get some thoughts or a message out there, simply WordPress it. Heck, plus the world is now truly on a global scale.

There are so many paths available to express your creativity. So why not create?

Or much like Joeseph Campbell says ‘follow your bliss’, in a round-about way I also believe this is yet another mantra calling to create. Go on that journey, write that book, have a family; it’s all something that you have made. Your life’s work.

It could even be as simple as making your baby smile, only be careful not to sell yourself short here.

Make it freaking happen!!

Because we all die one day, and some sooner than others, and one day the depths you possess and the vastness of you being may no longer be available to you in this form. Plus what is it that you are leaving behind? Meaning or murky waters?

Legacy. Regret.

Love you, love those around you, love where you’re at and love the earth. Be in gratitude and love deeply, you truly are lucky just to be alive.

Go create.



About Mark

For all things a day-dreamer, a larrikin and an undeniable fighter. Mark advocates for both Adversity and Lyme Disease; and boasts a real passion for green living, nutrition and organic foods. Oh and he's a quadriplegic too. This spirited life coach, with prior background in marketing & advertising, now has more recent aspirations that include becoming a published author, and a business owner too. And when well enough, Mark’s also ticking off his bucket list, and he also volunteers with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Mark is an ACIM student, an adventurer, and a sneaker collector. His dream is to one day get better and ride a bicycle around Australia.

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