Adversity Answers Ep. 6


Q: I sometimes have a problem as I’m very passionate about my relationships with people. How do you deal with a situation where someone you like really hurts some other person you like. How do you navigate that emotionally within yourself?

A: Okay step one, I think your being passionate is awesome… exceptional and awesome. Also, yes I can see how you might view this as a ‘problem’ or how it might create problems (ie. letting your guard down or opening up to hurt), still I believe there’s nowhere better to be. Being passionate means you can connect on a much deeper level, and far out society craves (or needs!) depth these days.

Alright and now to the scenario:

So you can’t control the actions of others – hence in most of this I’m assuming you’re the observer. Well that’s unless you do want to get truly involved – which is one of your choices here as well.

But I think this (the whole dealing with it bit) comes down to the level of unrest you’re experiencing within yourself – as a result? And can you let go (move on) or are you that bugged that you must take action?? Also, you sound like a sensitive soul (emotionally sensitive – which is just how you’re built) so I’d say you’re really bugged. And hey this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just shows you care.

Anyways this ‘to act or not’ question, I also think this is what’s at the bottom of your emotional response. Or to put it another way, now what’s the best course of action so you can comfortably live with yourself??

This is your choice.

Do you ignore it all, have a quiet chat to the parties involved, or to alternatively get your fat beef on??

And in navigating yourself or your next move, always follow your gut.

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