Adversity Answers Ep. 16



If you were in a Job where you were getting bullied a fair bit by a staff member and also the boss – and I’ve tried talking to them and got palmed off and made it worse and now I get laughed at and it’s effecting own health Big time -.what and how would you deal with it ??


Bullying is super shit, I really feel the need to say that first. Also, I really want to acknowledge you for putting yourself ‘out there’ like this, searching for a solution, it’s brave. Especially when what you’re going through is so terrible, and I’m also assuming quite isolating – as you’ve been palmed off. I’ve experienced a little bit of bullying myself (in my primary school years – formative years) and it was crushing and yeah petty lonely. In fact, I know that I felt like I wasn’t worthy and worthless, but let me tell you right now that’s a total illusion. Every single person on this earth has value.

Okay now to the solutions part… so, I’m guessing this is something you don’t want to make a lot of fuss over, like to an extent I’m sure there’s even some shame and embarrassment. Well, let it be known that this is your moment to shine. And if you don’t want to do it for yourself do it for the next guy – because bully’s won’t stop. They think they’re better than people and above the law – that’s why they do it – and will continue to do it they’re not pulled up.

Right… so as far as services go to do this, actually I’m not sure which part of the world you’re in but here in Australia, man there are heaps. From social workers to advocacy groups, use your friend called the internet and I’m certain something will come up. You’ll find a connection and support I’m sure of it, and if not at first keep trying. Also, these services (which are mainly community based and free) will know a lot more about the specific next steps to take than me, I’m just a generalist here. What I would recommend though is to start taking detailed note of any future events… this will fuck em. A workplace thrives on documentation and hates their flaws being exposed.

But whatever you do just don’t sit idle. Action is the antidote for all adversity – this is my new favourite quote said none other than yours truly lol.

Nevertheless I’d still like to leave you with one final perspective. So, bullies are weird creatures, and the ironic thing about their actions is that all it does is show weakness. You see, (the typically unspoken law here) is that they need to tear somebody down to fulfil a void in their own lives (or to negate their own insecurities). Often they are deeply unhappy (resentment, fear, etc), especially a ring leader, potentially not so much for the peer pressure groupie. Anyhow… only they are inferior (metaphorically speaking) and this is their way of feeling superior. But for a bully it’s like white sugar, a quick boost to the ego, yet in terms of long term sustenance there’s nothing there. I mean what truly happy and content person would waste their time on such petty and detrimental (degrading) crap??

You’ve got this. I hope this helps.

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